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Take control of business finances

Our clients can optimise their accounts with Commusoft and FreeAgent

Our integration beings the very best of FreeAgent and Commusoft together, so our clients can oversee important business finances, like customer and supplier details. With this integration teams can automatically send data such as customers, invoices, payments, and credit notes directly into their accounting software. Clients can also update customer and supplier details.


Commusoft's FreeAgent integration allows our clients to easily manage business finances and vital customer and supplier details.





How FreeAgent integrates with Commusoft

Get the most from your finances

Commusoft and FreeAgent

Commusoft will automatically send customers, invoices, payments, credit notes, suppliers, supplier invoices, supplier payments, and supplier credit notes. This means teams can easily track debtors and increase their cash flow.

  • Cut-back on mistakes
  • Audit your records
  • Reduce and track debtors

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