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Commusoft clients get the most from their communications

Our clients optimise communications with Gmail and Commusoft

Gmail users can connect their Gmail and Commusoft accounts with just a few clicks. By leveraging Google’s API, our clients securely send emails without needing to set up complicated SMTP. With just a single sign on, they send reliable emails to customers with a higher delivery rate, and a reduced likelihood of ending up in spam.

Our Gmail integration also allows for two-way email syncing. Replies to emails are added to a thread of past messages within Commusoft.


Gmail and Commusoft clients can transform their communications with our Gmail integration.





How Gmail integrates with Commusoft

Our clients organise their email workflows

Commusoft and Gmail

Linking Commusoft and Gmail accounts ensures our clients' messages and email campaigns land in inboxes, not spam. Forget SMTP. By leveraging Google's API, our clients safely connect their accounts in seconds. With two-way email syncing, replies to emails are added to a thread of past messages within Commusoft.

  • Send reliable emails
  • Single sign-on
  • Two-way sync

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