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Maximise earnings on high-value jobs

Streamline your payment journey with Commusoft and GoCardless

Commusoft allows clients to set a limit for the amount of money that can be paid via credit card. When the limit is surpassed, the Commusoft invoicing system automatically offers instant banking with GoCardless instead.

This means our clients can win higher earnings from jobs, encourage customers to pay sooner, and slashes the admin burden of chasing customers for late payments.


Commusoft clients can set credit card limits and get paid via instant banking instead.


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How GoCardless integrates with Commusoft

Our clients offer consistent payment experiences

Commusoft and GoCardless

Rather than pay costly credit card fees, our GoCardless integration empowers our clients to reap more profits from high-value jobs. Offering instant banking diversifies the payment journey, making it easier for customers to pay straight away.

  • Avoid costly credit card fees
  • Set credit card limits
  • Get paid sooner
GoCardless Partner

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