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Commusoft clients can easily manage payments

Organise payments with Commusoft and SumUp

Mobile teams can invoice and accept payments from customers directly from the job site. Clients can choose SumUp as a payment method on the Commusoft mobile app which then initiate the SumUp app or another interface on your mobile device which connects to the card reader. They can process the card and automatically mark the invoice as paid in Commusoft.


Clients can use SumUp's mobile point-of-sale system with Commusoft.


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How SumUp integrates with Commusoft

How Commusoft integrates with SumUp

Clients get paid faster

Our clients can quickly process transactions while on the move. Our SumUp integrations gives clients more ways to pay, so they can avoid both late, and non-payments.

  • Accept payments in the field
  • Avoid late payments
  • Sync payments with invoices

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