Refer a Friend

Commusoft clients can refer a friend and get rewarded for helping us grow! Full details below.

How to Refer a Friend

Existing Commusoft clients can refer a friend or business contact and earn up to 2 months of free subscription for their account. You can refer as many friends as you wish!

To make a referral, first apply to join the program by completing the form below. Once registered, you can make a referral by providing their details via the ‘Refer a friend’ form on this page.

If your friend purchases Commusoft within 90 days of your referral, sets up their account, and makes their first payment, then your account will be credited. Rewards are based on the value of the referral’s subscription. If rewards exceed your own contract value, you can use it to extend your contract or take it as a cash reward when your contract finishes.

Referral Benefits

  • Earn up to 2 months free for each successful referral
  • Refer as many friends as you like
  • Reap the rewards for helping Commusoft grow


Complete the form below to register into Commusoft’s refer a friend program. All applications must be approved before making a referral.

Refer a Friend

Provide your friend’s details below to complete your referral. Don't have a partner ID? Please apply above first.