Commusoft Adds New Comprehensive Asset Management Feature

Commusoft already offers basic appliance management tools for field service businesses. However, unhappy with its limitations, Commusoft decided it was time to turn the feature on its head.

“We rebuilt it from the ground up and in the process created a fully-fledged asset management system that’s like no other,” says Jason Morjaria, founder of Commusoft. With the new asset management feature, businesses can accurately track every asset and sub-asset at a property and access a detailed service history. With the right information available to engineers at all times they can make smarter and more-informed decisions on when to install, service, repair, or replace an asset.

Commusoft’s asset management goes much further than just asset history though. Assets are now integrated into the entire job management workflow and can be linked not only to a property, but to individual jobs, service contracts, planned maintenance schedules, and even other assets for a truly cohesive experience.

Supporting all industries with custom asset classes

The unique differentiator, however, is the level of customisation available. Commusoft’s asset management allows businesses to create custom asset classes, so they can structure their asset hierarchy in the best way for their business. Industries with non-standard assets have long struggled to successfully manage asset data with software that does not properly accommodate their needs.

By giving businesses the tools to create and organise their own asset structures, Commusoft can support asset management for any type of industry. Whilst more-standard industries, such as fire and security, electrical, and plumbing and heating, can quickly get started with predefined asset classes for their respective industry. Additionally, customisation extends to standard asset fields, so businesses can decide what data can be recorded against an asset and in what format.

Commusoft’s core asset management functions are accessible to all users of their job management software. More advanced features such as custom asset classes are available to Automation plan users who are looking to take their field service software to the next level.

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About Commusoft

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