Commusoft Provides Improved Customer Relationship Management

LONDON, UK, OCTOBER 2023 – Commusoft, the leading software provider for the trades, has integrated with HubSpot, one of the largest inbound marketing and sales platforms globally. After a client joins their Commusoft and HubSpot accounts together, their team will have access to a thorough overview of essential sales lead and customer data.

The benefits of the features that have been added include:

  • Reduce Mistakes: linking your HubSpot and Commusoft accounts allows your team to work with consistent and accurate data in both platforms
  • Sync valuable data: reduce double data entry by sharing customer and company details between Commusoft and HubSpot
  • Win more business: since nothing important falls through the cracks, your team can focus on growing your business

“HubSpot is an excellent tool that we are thrilled to provide for our clients.” Says Marine Klein, Global Marketing Director at Commusoft. “Equipping our clients with the ability to see their entire sales and customer data means they have ultimate control, and ensures nothing gets missed. This gives even more power to our clients and helps their staff to build accurate, trustworthy reports, as well as nurture their sales leads to generate more business.”

“Our clients can also further control their data sharing, for example, they can elect to share their data across both platforms, either way, e.g. HubSpot to Commusoft and vice versa. They are able to sync any data with ease. By automatically transferring new service leads from HubSpot to Commusoft, our clients’ teams can get to work on the job as soon as possible, saving time and hassle.” 

“This integration will give our clients peace of mind that all important information is being reported accurately, meaning they have more capacity to focus on other aspects of their business.”

About Commusoft: Commusoft is a technology company specialising in building web-based and mobile solutions for trade companies. Commusoft clients are in complete control of their growth with innovative business management and refined customer journeys.

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