Commusoft Renews Focus on Customer Self-Service

LONDON, UK, August 2023 Commusoft, the leading software provider for the trades, has renewed its focus on customer self-service. Commusoft has introduced a variety of updates to bolster its existing customer self-service capabilities. 

The benefits of the features that have been added include:

  • Branding and customisation options to ensure all customers get the same unified experience at each step of the service journey 
  • The GoCardless integration for payment-related portals, including instant banking, reduces fees for larger jobs
  • Three new self-service journeys:
  1. Statement of accounts and outstanding invoices emailed to customers with payment online options
  2. Online rebooking options for customers
  3. Payment on-site capabilities via a QR code for credit card and instant banking

“Self-service is vital to building a profitable, scalable business.” Says Jason Morjaria, CEO of Commusoft. “It not only lets customers interact with your business when convenient to them but alleviates the burden on your office team.  If you’re looking for ways to scale your business up, such as hiring more engineers and providing a better quality experience to your customers without adding to your overheads – in that case, you need to focus on your customer journeys.”

This new self-service experience will lift the admin burden off the office team’s shoulders and bring the power directly to the end customers. With unrivaled 24/7 self-service journeys, the office staff will spend less time talking to customers and handle more tasks without hiring more admin staff.

About Commusoft: Commusoft is a technology company specialising in building web-based and mobile solutions for trade companies. Commusoft clients are in complete control of their growth with innovative business management and refined customer journeys.

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