Commusoft Releases Stock and Inventory Management

Managing stock and inventory is a challenge for many field service businesses, whether knowing what is in stock and where, tracking parts from delivery to installation, or simply organising the stockroom.

To help companies solve these problems, Commusoft has released a multi-location stock and inventory management solution as part of their all-in-one job management software. On May 16th, CEO and founder, Jason Morjaria, unveiled this new feature to clients at the annual Commusoft product round-up event.

The live demonstration showcased how this latest feature helps manage inventory and stock across all locations (even vehicles), monitor stock levels, and use a brand new dedicated app to run a stockroom.

How does Commusoft’s Stock Control feature help businesses?

Without proper management of stock and inventory, field service companies experience a range of issues that cost money, waste time, and can even lose them customers. Commusoft’s stock and inventory management solution, developed over the past two years, has been designed to address these issues through four main benefits:

  • Enhanced stockroom workflow
  • Reduced excess stock and inventory
  • Streamlined returns
  • Improved customer experience

All of the many tools that make up Commusoft’s stock and inventory feature align with one of these core benefits. For example, stockroom managers can scan barcodes to check stock in-and-out using the specially-built app; engineers and technicians can quickly see which parts are in stock, instead of ordering more and ending up with excess stock; returns can be fully tracked; and customers can be promptly informed if parts aren’t delivered in time for a job.

Additionally, office staff have access to real-time stock levels, automatic reordering when inventory runs low, stock history and audits, and automated supplier reminders. With features like these (and many more), field service businesses can finally get control of their stock and inventory – all from within their job management software.

Get more information on how Commusoft’s stock and inventory feature can help field service businesses here:

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About Commusoft

Commusoft is a technology company specialising in building web-based and mobile solutions for field service companies to help them refine their customer journey and improve the way they manage jobs. Commusoft is a productivity-boosting tool that helps you manage your day to day operations both in the office and in the field.

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